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No problems...reliable, friendly service. Easy site to negotiate. I know others who have liked this site and recommended it to me. Will use more often. Don't know why others get so pissed off. I guess it's that they have nothing better to do with their lives. People need to get a life. Really now...I don't know why I have to use 100 words. I guess that's to discourage happy people. Well,... Read more

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Ordered a medicine on Oct. 8, 2015. Said I would get it in 2-3 weeks. Guess what, today is the 3rd week and no medicine. I am through with Big Mountain! Wish I had known this company gets its medicine in India, Taiwan, and China. They didn't have any trouble taking my money in a twinkle of an eye. Folks, a word to the wise. Stay away from this company! They have no way to track a shipment... Read more

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The 250 vs 500 advair generic discus costs more due to the demand for the 250. Don't know bout you but,, something is definetly wrong with this. Add comment

Been a customer for over a year, great service & prices. I have never had a problem and highly recommend them. I'm so thankful for them. Add comment

Ordered a 6 month supply and payed for the order. B.M.D. couldn't supply the order and called me and made a new order for a 90 day supply and charged me for the second order. Was promised a refund for the first order within 72 hours. That was three weeks ago. Called them after checking with my bank and no refund had been received. Rep claimed they refunded me, informed her that no refund has been... Read more

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I placed a refill order and recvd an e-mail confirmation. When I tried to call them the mailbox was full. I called on three separate days to ask about sending a check and verify the order. I do usually get a phone call with instructions and to confirm the order and address to send it to. So far I still can no contact with the company. I'm wondering if they are still in business????? ... Read more

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I ordered (as prescribed) generic Cialis 10 mg tabs. It came - but was 5 mg tabs and was for a different patient. BMD has agreed this was a mistake and states I will receive the correct prescription within several weeks. So on the one hand a hassle, on the other - they're not charging for the 5 mg they sent in error, so I will get about $45 free medication. Hard to complain about that. I will... Read more

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I have ordered from them twice and no problem. The medication is sent from India but so what.. as long as they arrive and work ... which they do.... I suspect that many of the complaints here are from people who have been scammed by sites pretending to be Big Mountain... make sure you are logging in to the .com and not something else.... Just trying to give credit where credit's due here... These... Read more

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I have been using this pharmacy for more than four years to order a medication that is about $130 per month in U.S. and $44+$10 shipping for a 3 month supply through this company. Yes this medication has been shipped from several different countries and I don't mind a bit. It is the same medicine each time and I have never noticed that it is not working the same. This medication is not... Read more

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