This Online Pharmacy www.bigmountaindrugs.com has the BEST prices and using their website is very easy to place an order online. They also have the ability to order by telephone (their customer service staff is VERY courteous and most helpful).

I receive my prescriptions very quickly, depending on where the order is being shipped from.

With today's economy, I am saving hundreds of dollars with Big Mountain Drugs. Quality, superb customer service and peace of mind will have me recommending to others any chance I get!

I am now researching meds for my mother for more savings. THANK YOU.

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Nah, sorry. I don't believe a word of this ***!
Only a fool is going to buy medication on the web anyway, so you may get spome of them to think a REAL customer wrote this.
Only I KNOW better!

You're selling sugar pills as real medication as should be taken out and flogged! :grin :eek

This is a self-effacing bit of nonsense claiming to be a real review. Do NOT believe this one!!!

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